Light Castle Winery

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Address: Bulgaria
6 Gr. Gorbatenko Str. Sofia, Bulgaria
Website: http://www.castle.light.b
Phone: +359 2 807 70 33

About Our Business

Light Castle Winery is located in the best region for red wines in Bulgaria - the region of Ivajlovgrad. The winery focuses only to produce high quality red wines, that feature an unique combination of intense aroma, powerful body and the authentic taste of the real red wines of the old days.
Production process is very natural, no conservation of the wines is permitted. They are bottled using traditional methods leaving the wine as natural as possible. The wine is made from grapes grown exclusivelly on our own vineyards, where the vine grapes are hand-picked and cut.
The winery has more than 60 ha of own vineyrads some of them have been created in the former borderline area between Bulgaria and Greece - in a ecologically preserved nature, absent from any industrial or agricultural activities for the last 50 years.No heavy chemical intervention on the vines is allowed, the amount of pesticides is reduced to minimum, as most of the work on the vines is done using manual labor.
The grape varieties of our vineyards feature: 2 different clones of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, which were specially selected for the terroir of the area. In 2006 we planted other suitable varieties for the region such as Sangiovese, Pinot Noar, Temprannio, Angelotta and others.

Products on the market at the moment include the following:

Trendafil 2007 premium oak
Syrah 2007 premium oak
Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 premium oak
Syrah 2007 premium oak

Trendafil 2007
Merlot 2007

Rozalina 2008 Rose
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